Tom Hardy’s Al Capone Voice Will Sound Like (SPINS WHEEL) Bugs Bunny

So, FONZO sounds like it's gonna be interesting.

Here at Birth.Movies.Death., we love Tom Hardy for many reasons.

We love his well-documented love of animals. We love the fact that he's starred in some of the best movies of the past decade. We love that he'll take on smaller projects seemingly as often as he'll take on would-be blockbusters. But mostly we love his commitment to the "Silly Voice" bit.

Tom Hardy has been doing the Silly Voice bit for years now. If you've seen a Tom Hardy movie, you have seen him doing it. The premise is simple: in each new role, Tom Hardy invests his character with a jarring, borderline-unintelligible voice. Sometimes it sounds like Tom Hardy is playing a cartoon British bulldog (Bronson); sometimes it sounds like he's playing a person who has suffered an extensive series of blows to the head (Venom). Sometimes you can't really tell what the voice is supposed to sound like, because it's being delivered through a complicated mask (The Dark Knight Rises). 

Well, Tom Hardy will next play Al Capone in Josh Trank's Fonzo, and you better believe we've been chomping at the bit to find out what that's gonna sound like. Thanks to a new interview with Esquire (and as spotted by Vulture), we can stop wondering: Tom Hardy's Al Capone will sound like Bugs Bunny.

 “The voice he developed for Al Capone in Fonzo is based on Bugs Bunny’s; to prove it, he plays me a clip of the raw footage on his phone. Sure enough, he sounds like the cartoon rabbit with a severe case of vocal fry.”

How this makes any goddamn sense is besides the point. What's important now is that we may have a new all-timer Tom Hardy voice to look forward to (in an Al Capone biopic directed by Josh Trank, no less). Suddenly, we are infinitely more excited about seeing this movie.

Fonzo does not currently have a release date, but we'll keep you informed on that front. Stay tuned.