We Have A BATWOMAN, And She Is Super Cool

Ruby Rose is going to kill it.

While the DC movies we’ve been getting lately have been a mixed bag (though that could be changing soon), their impressive lineup of CW shows seem to keep fans happy and retain a lot of important faithfulness to source material.

So the idea of them doing a Batwoman series is already pretty exciting. That excitement increases ten-fold now with the news that Batwoman will be played by none other than Ruby Rose.

Rose, without saying a damn word, completely knocked it out of the park in John Wick: Chapter 2. And while I haven’t seen The Meg yet (dammit), I’ve heard she’s quite good in that as well. The idea of seeing her kicking ass as Batwoman really makes me happy, not to mention the progressive inclusivity this decision brings by having a lesbian actress play a lesbian character. Just good news all around here!