Exclusive Set Photos Confirm Tarantino’s New Movie Has A Wienermobile In it

Unknown as of yet who's playing its Hot-Dogger.

Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is now engaged in principal photography in Los Angeles, and many Angelenos may have noticed that said filming is taking place in public. 

We've got a handful of photos from the shoot, which - although unyielding in story details or character appearances - show off some of the period detail going into the production. That aspect of the film should come as no surprise, given Tarantino's obsession with details, but it's gratifying to see nonetheless.

The set is well-stocked with magazines from the summer of '69, including the now-defunct Life and Look:

Automobile enthusiasts around California have likely had their collections raided by the production, judging by the volume of mint ‘60s vehicles sitting across the street from the shoot. One assumes that the modern parking meters will be painted out (or more likely framed out):

Peering through the throngs of crewmembers, one can juuust make out Margot Robbie, in the same Sharon Tate costume as she posted a few days ago:

Best of all, here's the 1969-model Oscar-Mayer Wienermobile. We hope and pray that this thing is central to the story somehow. Hopefully it's used as a stunt vehicle by Brad Pitt's stuntman character.

Thanks to Dominic Corry for allowing us to use his images. Naturally, we're intrigued to see more from this production as it goes on, and we'll do our best to bring you the latest in Wienermobile news.