Michael Moore’s Back At It Again in The First FAHRENHEIT 11/9 Trailer

Someone's up to their usual hijinks, and this time Trump's the target.

We've known for a while that filmmaker and noted rabble-rouser Michael Moore had a new movie in the works, and today we're getting our very first look at the film: Fahrenheit 11/9 (which, in case it isn't thuddingly obvious, is a play on Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11, the title of which was a play on Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451), a new documentary which is all but guaranteed to finally take down the Trump administration for good.

Ha ha, just kidding! This won't change anything and everything will continue to be extremely terrible! But Moore's latest might make for morbidly entertaining viewing, anyway.

See what you think:

Well, I'll say this - Fahrenheit 11/9 looks designed from the ground up to be as infuriating to Republicans as possible: you've got your David Hogg cameo, your Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez talking head interview, footage of right-wing lunatics apparently training to be literal goose-stepping fascists. You've also got the implication that Donald Trump will attempt to remain in office forever, a bit of fearmongering that seems absurd even coming from someone as frequently hysterical as Michael Moore. 

On the one hand, we're not sure how helpful any of this is (Fahrenheit 11/9 is peak "preaching to the choir"). On the other hand, as we've already noted, it's certain to make a bunch of people we don't like very Mad Online. We're calling this one a draw for the time being.

Fahrenheit 11/9 arrives on September 21st. Y'all gonna give it a go or not? Sound off in the comments below.