Get Woke Motherf*cker: Joseph Kahn’s BODIED Arrives In Theaters This November

Praise NEON y'all.

Tim League, founder and CEO of Birth.Movies.Death.’s parent company Alamo Drafthouse, is a co-founder of NEON.

Bodied isn't just a movie. It's a full contact cinematic experience, and easily one of the wildest viewing trips you'll take in 2018. As I told you back at Fantastic Fest last year

"Bodied is a masterwork – a blistering, rap battle satire that wants to rip your face off and then tell your skinless corpse how fucking stupid you look. Joseph Kahn has delivered the anti-musical anti-Rocky, where winning can easily cost you your friends, your family, and your respectability. But all that matters is how hard you spit, and how viciously you tear your opponent to spiritual pieces. At the same time, it’s a movie that’s staunchly anti-PC, while simultaneously acknowledging that those types of regulations on human interaction are also necessary, lest the champion devolve into a total scumbag, who doesn’t deserve the belt, but only a bench at the nearest park. Because in Kahn’s world, you can still smoke everyone and end up a hobo."

We all sort of bristled when we found out that YouTube Red had snagged the rights to the movie, thus possibly robbing viewers everywhere of a picture that's supposed to be seen with the rowdiest audience imaginable. Well, praise Satan, because NEON has stepped in and partnered up with the production to roll Bodied out in theaters this Fall. 

The official date right now is November 2nd, which means you could potentially double feature Bodied with Amazon's upcoming Suspiria remake. What a fucking insane, musical genre weekend that would be. Start counting the days down, because Kahn and his crew of battle rappers are fitting to dunk on the whole world in wide release. Hallelujah!