Chris Pine And Chris Hemsworth Walk Away From STAR TREK 4, Maybe Chris Pratt Too

Chris Evans still undecided.

Of the 1000 Star Treks all vying to be a real thing, one of them is a movie where Kirk (or someone, I don’t know) travels through time and gets to meet his hunky dad, who was played by Chris Hemsworth in the JJ Abrams reboot. Paramount, still believing that this one might actually happen, has been negotiating with all the actors involved to lock them in and get to filming.

But, Paramount has also maybe been a little stingy with their numbers. According to THR, both Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth have walked away from negotiations due to a lack of sufficient cheddar. Paramount is like “hey these movies don’t make as much as you think” and they’re like “we’re both named Chris” and the two opposing viewpoints were not able to meet in the middle.

So does this mean there will be no Star Trek 4 where Kirk meets his dead dad? Or does that not even matter when we totally have this sure-to-get-made Tarantino Star Trek movie coming down the pike? My suspicion is that Paramount will ultimately cede to the Christopia’s financial needs and get this thing resolved. What do you all think?