Report: 20th Century Fox is Working on Another THE SIMPSONS Movie

And a BOB'S BURGERS movie. And a FAMILY GUY movie, if that's your thing.

The Wall Street Journal has a new report outlining the various growing pains currently being experienced over at 20th Century Fox, which - as you've certainly heard by now - is due to be swallowed up by The Disney Corporation sometime next year in a massive $71B sale.

The article's an interesting look at what happens when one monolithic company purchases another one, but buried at the very end of the post is an interesting little scoop: apparently, in addition to revamping its approach to animation, Fox is partnering with Fox television studios to bring several interesting new projects to the big screen.

Says the Wall Street Journal:

"Amid the uncertainty, Ms. Snider has emphasized a revamp of Fox’s approach to animation, bringing in a new partner to replace an expired deal with DreamWorks Animation after it was acquired by Comcast Corp. The film studio is partnering with the Fox television studio on a big-screen adaptation of the animated series Bob’s Burgers, a second Simpsons movie in development and a Family Guy film that would mix animation with live action, said people with knowledge of the projects."

Whoa! A big-screen version of Bob's Burgers is certainly exciting, and surely there's a fair number of people out there who'll be thrilled to learn that a live-action/animated Family Guy movie is headed to theaters, but another Simpsons movie? We've been wondering why another one of those wasn't in development.

The first Simpsons movie, you'll recall, arrived over a decade ago - all the way back in 2007, if you'd like to feel old - and earned over $500M at the worldwide box office. The film itself is something of a mixed bag, but was mostly well-received (it has an 88% on Rotten Tomatoes) and seemed a cut above the level of quality currently being offered by the TV series (do not @ me). 

Of course, there's no indication when this might happen, what the film'll be about, or who might be involved, but it's still intriguing to hear that they're finally getting around to a sequel after all these years. We'll keep our ear to the ground for further updates on this one, and will let you know if we hear anything further.

Stay tuned.