The Latest SUSPIRIA Image Loses Itself To Dance

Tie me up. Tie me down.

I have it on good authority - from quite a few sources - that the Suspiria remake is legitimately great. I've heard folks toss out words like "gorgeous""idiosyncratic""terrifying""gnarly", and - above all else - "masterpiece". Yes, the movie runs two-and-a-half hours plus, but after three straight masterworks in a row, Luca Guadagnino's earned a little trust in his vision, don't you think?

Well, today Amazon released another still look at the picture, and it's all sorts of captivating. Even in a snapshot, there's so much dynamic motion contained in this image. 

Take a look:

Oh hell yes. Just stare at all that red rope. The quicker I can see this movie, the better. Also, if you're not excited to watch one of the world's greatest working filmmakers graft his unique point of view onto the bones of Dario Argento's classic, you're probably dead (or just boring). 

Amazon is going to drop Luca's iteration of Suspiria on our heads November 2nd. That sound you hear immediately after the first screening concludes is me screaming in ecstasy.