First Full Teaser For THE ROMANOFFS Isn’t Sure Who’s Related To Who

Matthew Weiner is spanning the globe and seemingly cast every single working actor in his MAD MEN follow-up.

We don't know a whole lot beyond some vague details regarding Matthew Weiner's upcoming Amazon Limited Event Series, The Romanoffs. Even based on the previous writing here at BMD, all we really have is a cryptic logline to go off of:

“A contemporary series set around the globe, centering on separate stories about people who believe themselves to be descendants of the Russian royal family.”

OK, cool. Great. Whatever. But the cast on this thing is bananas: Christina Hendricks, John Slattery, Isabelle Huppert, Marthe Keller, Aaron Eckhart, Jack Huston, Corey Stoll, and Amanda Peet (plus much, much more). That's also precisely how Amazon is going to sell The Romanoffs to us, as well - via a clip that simply shows off a ton of famous faces saying "the Romanoffs!" like they're all finishing a punchline to their take on The Aristocrats.

Take a look: 

Along with thirteen writers, designers, and producers from Mad Men, Weiner is going to be directing all eight episodes of the series, marking this as another auteurist endeavor for Amazon. This would line The Romanoffs up with their previous output, which includes features and upcoming series from Spike Lee, Nicolas Winding Refn, Jim Jarmusch, and Kenneth Lonergan. That's one hell of a roster to join. 

As for any further plot details, we should probably expect them to continue to be sparse (just like old Mad Men episode descriptions) until the series drops October 12th. You can bet BMD will have a bunch more for you then. 

Stay Tuned...