Rejoice: CASTLE ROCK is Getting a Second Season

In which Hulu makes the right call.

For months, we didn't know what to expect from Castle Rock, and were honestly kinda worried about it. Would it be nostalgia overload? A non-stop parade of easter eggs, leavened with the barest hint of new material? Maybe it'd be a pale imitation of Stephen King's source material, or a needless retread of stories we'd already seen. 

Turned out, all that handwringing was for nothing: Castle Rock is none of these things. It is, in fact, one of the year's best new shows, a deft mix of established King iconography and brand-new characters getting into their own macabre misadventures. It wasn't so much that we doubted the show or its creative team, so much that we've been hurt before and didn't want to get hurt again. 

Anyway, here's the good news: we're getting more of it.

According to Variety, Hulu has officially ordered a second season of Castle Rock, where we'll be getting an entirely new storyline. New mysteries, new characters, new everything (for those who haven't been paying super close attention, this series was always planned as an anthology series, and it appears they're staying the course on that).

What this means for the possibility of returning cast members is anyone's guess. There's the obvious approach (recasting every role), but there's also the American Horror Story method (a revolving cast playing different kinds of roles). We're very curious to see what Castle Rock does on that front.

As for the rest of season one: we've seen all but the two final episodes, and can confirm that this show only gets better as it goes along. The back half of the first season is particularly impressive, with one episode feeling like a lot like a possible awards contender (you'll know it when you see it). How they intend to wrap up all of season one's mysteries - if, indeed, they intend to wrap up all of season one's mysteries - remains to be seen. We've got our theories, but those are far too spoilery to get into here.

Stay tuned for more on Castle Rock as it becomes available. In the meantime, feel free to celebrate the news above in the comments below.