Mike Moh To Deliver Bruce Lee’s One-Inch Punch In ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD

Quentin Tarantino casts his "TV Years" take on the martial arts master.

By 1969, Bruce Lee's fame had risen considerably, thanks to his run as Kato in both The Green Hornet and Batman (which featured the character in three separate episodes). He was still two years out from The Big Boss, and had three credits in '69. Two were again for TV - as a karate instructor in the comic strip comedy Blondie, and as jilted husband Lin in the "Marriage, Chinese Style" episode of Here Comes the Bride. The third role was as Winslow Wong in James Garner's turn as Raymond Chadler's iconic private detective, Marlow

So, it makes sense that Quentin Tarantino - in his endeavor to recreate '60s Los Angeles for his period epic Once Upon a Time In Hollywood - would include Lee's struggle to become an American action star (an endeavor that eventually sent him overseas to Hong Kong). Now, QT has found his Bruce in Mike Moh, who will essentially be tasked with bringing this "TV Years" take on the gone-too-soon superstar to the big screen. 

Moh's stock has been skyrocketing as of late, as his two turns as Ryu in the Street Fighter mini-series - Assassin's Fist and Resurrection - were well-received enough to land him a gig on Empire, before another role in Marvel's Inhumans. Portraying Lee will obviously be a massive task for any actor, but if Moh pulls this off it could be a huge moment for his career. 

As for the whole of Once Upon a Time In Hollywood, this microcosm QT's creating around Leo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt's Burt Reynolds and Hal Needham stand-ins keeps getting more expansive, including everyone from Sharon Tate (a dead ringer Margot Robbie) to weirdo ranch owner George Spahn (Reynolds himself) to the as-yet-uncast Roman Polanski (who Tarantino is apparently looking for a Polish-born actor to play). With each new announcement, this movie gets a little more fascinating, making the wait for its new date (July 26, 2019) all the more unbearable.