THE PREDATOR’s Predadogs Just Got Revealed in Funko POP Form

You heard us: Predadogs.

The fact that Shane Black's The Predator contains Predadogs - that is, dogs that are Predators - should come as no surprise to you, the gentle Birth.Movies.Death. readers of the world. We've mentioned the Predadogs on a number of occasions (once you know about them they're kind of hard not to talk about!), but today their existence has seemingly been confirmed by a new batch of Funko POP toys.

Dogs, but Predators. Predadogs. That's them at the bottom.

As you can see, the trio of Predadog POPs makes up just under half of this collection, the rest of which is filled out with various non-dog Predators, plus one featuring Jacob Tremblay in a Predator mask (in the movie, Tremblay's character comes into possession of some Predator tech, and uses it for...well, you'll see). 

These are pretty nifty, we suppose, but really it's just nice to get a look at the Predadogs after all this time. In Funko POP form, they look kinda like the Creature From The Black Lagoon had unprotected sex with a pit bull, a troubling concept we should spend no further time thinking about.

No word on precisely when the above POPs will land in stores, but Bloody Disgusting tells us they should be landing sometime this fall. Look for them wherever Jacob Tremblay Funko POPs are sold, and stay tuned for more on The Predator as we draw ever closer to the film's September 14th release date.