If The New WIDOWS Trailer Doesn’t Get You Excited, See a Doctor

Steve McQueen's latest looks like an absolute powerhouse.

Steve McQueen's Widows features a deceptively simple premise: when a gang of career criminals gets wiped out during their last big score, the local gangster they owe money to decides to collect from the gang's widows ... who are forced to pull off their own heist in order to settle their late husbands' tab. 

As anyone who's read the Lynda La Plante novel on which Widows is based (and which McQueen and Gone Girl scribe Gillian Flynn adapted for the screen) can tell you, things are a bit more complicated than that. One might even suspect that things will not go According to Plan.

This is the latest trailer for McQueen's film, and it looks like an absolute powerhouse. Featuring an all-star cast led by the consistently-awesome Viola Davis and a sprawling, intricate plotline involving a dozen characters, Widows appears to be McQueen's stab at making his very own crime epic. If the idea of that doesn't excite you ... well, we're not sure what to say. 

Widows arrives on November 16th. You folks as hyped for it as we are? Sound off below.