Jack Nicholson’s Not in The TONI ERDMANN Remake Anymore

Please plan accordingly.

Hey, remember when we learned they were remaking Toni Erdmann, and how we were like, "Wow, why would anyone do that?" And remember how, shortly thereafter, we learned that Jack Nicholson would be co-headlining the film with Kristen Wiig, and how we were then like, "Oh, well, that's something we'd definitely watch"? 

Well, here's the thing...

"The english-language adaptation of German comedy sensation Toni Erdmann is still alive at Paramount, TheWrap has learned, but with some key changes in housekeeping.

Jack Nicholson is no longer attached to star as an errant father to a joyless daughter, despite reports to the contrary on Wednesday, one insider familiar with the project said."

That's The Wrap breaking the news that Jack Nicholson will no longer co-headline the Toni Erdmann remake, which is apparently still a go at Paramount. We're not terribly surprised by this - it'd been a long time since we'd heard anything about the project, and Nicholson (who is said to have retired from acting for various age-related issues) isn't getting any younger. That really sucks, given that Nicholson's involvement was the main reason we were willing to see a Toni Erdmann remake to begin with.

Who'll step into his shoes? No idea, but we're guessing that Lisa Cholodenko (who just stepped up to direct the film) will have that figured out sooner rather than later. Stay tuned for more on the Toni Erdmann remake as further updates become available.