WATCH: The PS4’s New SPIDER-MAN Game Looks Spectacular

We cannot wait to get our hands on this.

The thing about Spider-Man video games is, precious few of 'em have been any good. It's not for lack of trying! Over the years, Peter Parker's heroic alter-ego has appeared in over 30 games (there's an exhaustive list here, if you're curious), the vast majority of which have fallen somewhere in between "Just Okay!" and "Oof" on our grading scale.

But this new one headed to the PS4, simply titled Spider-Man? This thing looks like the business.

This is the first gameplay trailer for Insomniac Games' Spider-Man, and it looks like an absolute blast. New York City looks legitimately alive, the voice acting's on-point, and there appears to be plenty of villains to battle while playing through the game. Hell, they've even got Miles Morales in there. 

Also released today was the trailer below, which shows off the game's living, breathing New York City. It's actually a better gameplay trailer than the actual gameplay trailer, but let's not turn this into a pissing contest: everything here rules.

This one's exclusive to the PS4, so if you wanna play Insomniac's latest and you don't have one of those systems already, might be a good time to invest. Spider-Man arrives on September 7th, and we'll have a review for you just as soon as we get our hands on it. 

Stay tuned.