STAR WARS: RESISTANCE Drops A Cel-Shaded First Trailer

Fingers crossed this ends up as good as REBELS.

Back in April, Disney announced that it was soon to be launching a third animated Star Wars series, entitled Resistance. Created by Clone Wars and Rebels mastermind Dave Filoni, it was said to follow the early days of the Resistance seen in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, focusing on fighter pilots like Poe Dameron. Its visual style was also said to be inspired by anime, which sent up red flags at the BMD offices like a socialist rally (which the BMD offices more or less are anyway).

Now we know just how soon - October 7th - and we have a better idea of what it looks like. Check out the brand new first-look trailer, and bear with the preview image (as of publication):

Well, that's not exactly an "anime" look. In fact, were I to describe its visual design, I'd just say it was a cel-shaded version of the same style featured in Rebels. The anime influence appears to come in the animation and direction - the movements of the characters, the overexcited voice acting, and so on. Looks like yet again, I'm going to have to grit my teeth through the animation to get to the sweet, sweet storytelling underneath.

Rebels recently ended very well, so Dave Filoni has earned my trust. On the other hand: this trailer does little for me, other than the general promise of a Star Wars fighter pilot show. It's hard to see what Resistance's "deal" is from this tiny glimpse, other than - thank god - a lack of lightsabers and a surfeit of aliens. Hopefully the actual product will demonstrate the same depth as Filoni's other work.