USA Orders Jason Bourne-Universe Series TREADSTONE

Good news for your dad!

The Jason Bourne trilogy is one of my favorite trilogies ever. I watch it about once a year and seem to appreciate it more each time. I’m saying that up front because I want this article to have at least one positive sentiment.

USA has ordered a series based in the Jason Bourne universe called Treadstone. As you can probably imagine, it will be all about the non-Bourne sleeper agents Treadstone created. Will it include all that Chem nonsense? Hey man, only time will tell.

A pilot for the show was ordered back in April. I guess this means USA likes what they’re seeing in the project’s development, because they’re now jumping in with both feet. I have a hard time believing that, however, as this is going to be written and executive produced by Tim Kring. Of Heroes infamy.

The whole Bourne thing, which started off so well, has hit hard times. Few people were into The Bourne Legacy (though I thought it was fine), so it's already shown resistance to spin-off stories. And even the last legit Bourne movie was somehow lackluster and rote.

On the other hand, a show about a bunch of ass kickers out there kicking ass has a fair shot at being at least decent television. It’s the Tim Kring of it all that gives me the most pause. Also, I’m not sure if I know how to watch USA shows, so maybe I don’t even have a dog in this race.