New SUSPIRIA Poster Puts Dakota Johnson Front & Center

This poster contains no visible witchcraft.

Word on the street is, we're getting a new trailer for Luca Guadagnino's highly-anticipated Suspiria remake this week, and ahead of that reveal we've just been gifted with a brand-new one-sheet. This'll probably be the first of many Suspiria character posters over the next few days, so strap in for the long haul: we're gonna gawk at every last goddamn one of 'em.

First up: Dakota Johnson.

As you can see with your eyeballs, this one-sheet features an image of Dakota Johnson, who will be playing a character named Susie in Guadagnino's film. Johnson's had an interesting go of things lately, serving as the co-headliner of Universal's Fifty Shades franchise. The third film in that trilogy arrived back in February, and now she's got both Suspiria and Drew Goddard's Bad Times at The El Royale on deck. It's a helluva run she's on, and we're dying to see her in both of these titles.

As of this writing, we still know very little about Suspiria, but we're putting all our chips on Guadagnino pulling this thing off. Our man has yet to make a bad movie, and the footage we have seen from the film (including a lunch-ruiningly grotesque segment screened during CinemaCon) has us feeling very confident, indeed.

How 'bout you folks? You onboard for this one, or are you still struggling with the idea of anyone remaking such a classic? Sound off in the comments below, and stay tuned for that new Suspiria trailer sometime this week.