HOLD THE DARK Gets A Haunting Trailer


I’ve been waiting a long time for this one. Especially after last week’s poster release, the trailer for Hold the Dark, the next film from Green Room's Jeremy Saulnier, felt like it could drop any minute. This morning, it finally has. Check it out:

This can’t be an easy story to sell, but I have to admit that while the images here are often beautiful, I find this trailer more elusive than effective in terms of getting me excited about the film. It does, however, get across the eerie seclusion of those who live on the outer edge of civilization, as well as the book’s overarching man-vs-nature themes. On the other hand, it only hints at the major violence that is in store for these characters.

So while I’m not totally blown away by this trailer, I still do like it a lot and greatly look forward to seeing this film when it hits Netflix September 28. Just having a movie starring Jeffrey Wright is a cause for celebration.