Marshmallows! VERONICA MARS May Be Coming To Hulu

Is a Limited Series revival in the cards for our favorite blonde sleuth?

We've reached the point in the New Media timeline where TV shows don't really die anymore. If they fail on the antiquated, traditional network platforms (or even cable, for that matter), they're not gone, but rather just taking a knee until the right streaming service comes along and helps them get back up on their feet. Unless they're Hannibal, which might actually stay dead, to many cannibalism enthusiasts' chagrin. 

Veronica Mars has already been through this revival cycle once - via a Kickstartered movie from series creator Rob Thomas (which raised $3.7 million and ended up costing $6 million all told) - and proved to be something of a failed experiment. The movie's not bad, per se, it just kind of is - a revisit to these classic characters where we see how they've moved on with their tumultuous, mystery-filled lives since we last hung out with them in Neptune, California. Even our esteemed former colleague Meredith Borders - who is quite the Veronica Mars superfan - found the picture a touch lacking (though she still enjoyed watching it):

"The mystery itself feels like little more than an excuse to get Veronica back where she belongs, in the bushes behind a long zoom lens, and honestly, I wish it were more. For those watching the film who have never seen the series, a good mystery film should stand alone. I don't think this movie can do that based solely on the strength of its mystery. Veronica (Kristen Bell) - a former teenaged private eye, now graduating law school and interviewing for top firms in New York City - is brought back to Neptune, California, the scene of her tortured adolescence, to clear her ex-boyfriend from a murder rap. Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring) is accused of electrocuting his pop-star girlfriend, and Veronica knows something deeper's at play. The clues and the investigation aren't particularly compelling, nor the resolution - but as always, watching Veronica intimidate and charm her way into the information she requires is the true joy, and her detecting is as joyous here as ever." 

That's about as accurate an assessment of Kristen Bell's comeback to the character that I've probably read. Perhaps Thomas was even disappointed with how the feature turned out, as he's now reportedly got a new set of Veronica Mars mysteries for us to investigate with Ms. Bell. 

Deadline‘s Nellie Andreeva has “heard” the streaming service is reaching an agreement with both Thomas and Bell to return for an eight episode limited series. Thankfully, Thomas has had five years between the movie and now to possibly retool whatever ideas he has to bestow upon us loyal Marshmallows. To be honest, regardless of the quality, this is a series that seems like it'd be perfect for our current political climate, as we need more strong, inventive women like Veronica on screens big and small. 

Stay tuned, Marshmallows, I'm sure we'll hear more soon...