The Gang Fills Mac’s Holes In This Trailer For Season 13 of IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY

Dennis may be gone, be he lives on in doll form.

When we last saw Dennis Reynolds - series co-star/writer Glenn Howerton - the creepy, rapey partial owner of Paddy's Pub informed the rest of the Gang that he was moving to Montana to take part in the life of his newly discovered infant son. In reality, that meant Howerton is now starring in NBC’s A.P. Bio, which was renewed for a second season. In short, after 12 seasons, Dennis Reynolds may have departed Philly for good. 

Yet that ratty bar stool and camera-filled sex den he called a bedroom will still be occupied by Dennis, sort of. That's right, in Season 13 of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Mac (former future Minecraft director Rob McElhenney) has either purchased or made a sex doll of Dennis Reynolds to fill that gaping hole his best friend and roommate left when he took off for the snowy mountains of Wherever the Fuck, USA. Bonus points: it has a mouth cavern you can stick your junk into if you're lonely. 

This is the brilliance of Always Sunny - a series whose trailer shows the 13th Season clearly revolves around the Gang tackling such hot topic issues as the #metoo movement and sexual harassment - that also includes a Real Doll that one character has almost certainly acted out inappropriate fantasies with. Meanwhile, Frank (Danny DeVito) is healing wounds with super glue and lemons, Charlie (Charlie Day) dons a Kramer wig, and Dee (Kaitlin Olson) is getting hoisted by her, uh, you know what...just watch the trailer and find out: 

It's kind of great to see the show that was once described as "Seinfeld on crack" when it began wholly embrace the comparison and even lampoon it in their 13th Season. What began as a cult hit is now vying for the title of "longest running live-action comedy in TV history" with its (already ordered) 14th Season, tying it with The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet. This only goes to show that good things really do happen to the very worst people. 

The 13th Season of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia hits FXX September 5th.