Details On Guillermo Del Toro’s SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK Come To Light

Plus, the movie gets its main storyteller.

Thus far, any sort of narrative deetz regarding Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark have been sparse at best. But now, Collider's Jeff Sneider has the skinny on CBS Films and producer Guillermo Del Toro's adaptation of the popular kids horror series (whose artwork spooked the shit out of this author anytime he went to his middle school's library), along with the young actress who's going to be fronting these big screen campfire tales.

Zoe Colletti - who has a sizable role in Paul Dano's upcoming Wildlife - will star as Stella Michaels in Norwegian filmmaker André Øvredal's (The Autopsy of Jane Doe) take on the material. Stella is just one of a group of teens investigating a string of deaths in their town, hoping to save it from a growing malevolent force. 

Collider dug up even more plot from the picture, going on to say that Stella is:

"...a young girl still haunted by her mother’s disappearance on Halloween night — an incident that she suspects her father knows more about than he lets on. Years later, Stella and her friends are involved in a Halloween prank gone wrong. But are they really at fault, or was it the work of a vengeful spirit — a female ghost who uses her scary stories to come after the teens when they begin to investigate the disappearance of several children? "

Fans of the books - or at least those petrified by them growing up - will be happy to know that it sounds like a few of the more iconic weirdo moments from the collections will probably make it to screen, including the human scarecrow from “Harold” and the girl who has spiders crawl out of her face in “The Red Spot,” both of which appeared in Scary Stories 3: More Tales to Chill Your Bones.

We've been huge fans of Øvredal's since Jane Doe utterly killed audiences at Fantastic Fest a few years ago, so it'll be cool to see him working with GDT to bring these childhood haunts to life. Will it be any good? Who knows. But we're willing to give this YA spook show a go when it hits theaters next year.