New Trailer For SUSPIRIA Welcomes The Three Mothers

Luca Guadagnino's remake of Dario Argento's classic gets an even better trailer than the first.

Mother of Darkness. Mother of Tears. Mother of Sighs. 

While the first trailer for Luca Guadagnino's redux of Dario Argento's psychedelic Italohorror all-timer, Suspiria, was solid, it did little to hook those who weren't already into the idea of a remake. Loaded with drab, upsetting images and snippets from Thom Yorke's atonal organ score, it basically sold Satanic Bibles to a choir constantly throwing devil horns, salivating to get any sort of look at what the Call Me By Your Name auteur had in store with his first scare picture. 

With the second trailer, we get a little more narrative (and a LOT of Tilda Swinton), as Guadagnino takes us inside the rather dreary-looking dance academy/witches' coven that becomes the locale where Nuevo Suzy Bannion (Dakota Johnson) gives her soul to dance. Super fans of the original will be able to the spot the elements Luca seems to be cherry-picking from Argento's classic, while distinctly doing his own thing.

Take a look: 

There's been some ruckus recently regarding the running time on this new Suspiria - which clocks in at just under 160 minutes - but honestly, getting mad about the length of a picture you haven't even seen yet seems sort of silly. A movie can be any length, as long as it justifies it in some fashion. Word on the street suggests Guadagnino has created something truly special, an ode to revolution set in a divided late '70s Berlin (complete with loads of splatter). That's all I really need to hear. 

Suspiria hits theaters November 2nd, though I'm sure - given the movie's Venice debut (not to mention the numerous Fall genre festivals that could still book it) - we'll probably have much more for you before then.