This was probably inevitable.

In a development that should probably come as a surprise to no one...

"...a small crew that was assembled for pre-production in Atlanta, GA on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 have been dismissed in the wake of James Gunn’s firing from the Disney/Marvel film, Deadline has confirmed. This was a crew left over from when Gunn was set to oversee the film.

The threequel is on a temporary hold as the studio searches for another director on the project which Gunn scripted."

Again: not shocking! A few weeks back, Disney and Gunn had one, final sit-down to determine - once and for all - if the director might have his directorial duties reinstated, and that meeting ended with Gunn very much not reinstated. So of course this meant another director needed to be found.

And yet, we've a couple interesting things to discuss here: one, we now officially have a race to see who's going to take over for Gunn on what was shaping up to be one of this generation's greatest cinematic sagas (and, for my money, the absolute best thing in the MCU). Who's gonna take that gig? Who'd have the nerve? Will Disney try to find a director who can match Gunn's aesthetics, so the trilogy ends up feeling all of one piece? How's the cast gonna respond to all this?

Which brings us to the second interesting element: Deadline reports this as "the project which Gunn scripted". Can we assume, then, that Disney will be moving forward with Gunn's script? If they're not, they may find themselves in need of a new Drax (and that's assuming Bautista's willing to go on, anyway; our dude has not been shy about giving Disney what-for on social media over the past few weeks).

Lots to think about. Lots to consider. A long way to go.

Stay tuned for more on Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 as further updates roll in.