Sacha Baron Cohen Says The WHO IS AMERICA? Party Is Over

Sounds like that really is the end of Showtime's controversial comedy series.

The season finale of Showtime's Who Is America? aired last night, and with its eyebrow-raising conclusion (which involved star Sacha Baron Cohen straight-up taunting OJ Simpson in a hotel room somewhere) came the following question:

"Is that it?"

For fans of the series, the question is asked with hope: surely Cohen and company generated more than seven episodes' worth of material while pulling off these stunts, right? Surely that's not the beginning and end of these characters? From this perspective, "Is that it?" is more "Is this really the end?"

For non-fans of the series, however, the question's a bit more loaded. Who Is America? produced some truly astounding moments (the gun-training-for-kids segment glimpsed at the top of this piece, the jaw-dropping sequence wherein Jason Spencer screamed the N-word before running around a sweaty little boxing gym with his pants around his ankles), but the final product was uneven at best, and felt toothless at worst. In this case, "Is that it?" is moreover: "That's all you got?"

In any event, it appears the answer to that question is "Yes":

That's sad to hear, not to mention a little surprising (I've long been convinced that Cohen and company were sitting on at least another season's worth of hijinks). Whether or not it's a bad thing will depend on how you felt about the season that just wrapped.

Speaking of which: how did you feel about Who Is America? Now that it's reached its totally-final conclusion, what do you think we learned, if anything? Do you think it's a worthy addition to Cohen's body of work, or destined to be considered a minor footnote in the wake of everything the comedian accomplished during the Ali G era? Sound off in the comments below.