This New TV Spot For THE PREDATOR Has Seen Some Sh*t

Spoiler: Predator Hounds will get up in that ass.

We already knew there's going to be "Predator Hounds" (Dat Boi Wampler called them "Predadogs", which is also acceptable terminology) in Shane Black's upcoming intergalactic hunter sequel, The Predator. However, we'd yet to actually see them in action. On paper, that idea sounds super dumb, and conjures Vietnam-esque flashbacks to "Hulk Dogs":  the goofiest element of Ang Lee's otherwise brilliant take on Hulk

Now, we actually have a look at these "Predadogs" in action, thanks to a new TV Spot for The Predator. To be completely honest, they're actually pretty cool looking - like the angriest, meanest version of an English bulldog, who'll eat your face because his massive, spine-snatching master ordered it to*. 

Take a look: 

What's neat is that these are distinctly different beasts from the "Hell Hounds" that were featured in Predators - a movie that many seem to kinda like (because it's got that Goggins Power), but few talk about anymore. That's not an endorsement, mind you (as Predators is still "not great"), but maybe more of a reinforcement of Black's promise that this movie will fall in line with the continuity of the first two Predator pictures (including a full-blown explanation as to why the title refers to the outer space hunters in the singular), but pretty much ignores bullshit like Alien vs. Predator (and, as such, Predators). Got all that? 

Anyway, I finally get to see this damn movie in about a week, and am totally stoked. You'll have a review here at BMD soon thereafter, as The Predator hits theaters September 14th. 

*Or - as Scott put it - they look as if "the Creature from the Black Lagoon had unprotected sex with a pit bull".