Quentin Tarantino Has Cast His Charles Manson

In which ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD gains a madman.

Well, it finally happened: Tarantino found his Charles Manson.

There's been plenty of speculation as to whether or not Once Upon a Time in Hollywood would actually feature the (now very deceased) former cult leader, but this settles it once and for all: according to The Wrap, an actor by the name of Damon Herriman has taken on the role.

Despite having appeared in a ton of stuff over the years (including shows like Justified and Top of The Lake) Herriman's still not quiet a household name, so - if you're unfamiliar with the man - here's what he looks like:

Okay, yeah. We can see it. 

The true shape of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is not yet known, though we do know it's a sprawling, multi-storyline epic set against the backdrop of 1969 Hollywood, and will revolve primarily around Leonardo DiCaprio's Rick Dalton and Brad Pitt's Cliff Booth, the fictional actor/stunt-double duo who live next door to Manson Family murder victim Sharon Tate.

How much or how little Manson himself will factor into the film is anyone's guess (we've heard a thing or two on this front, but can't confirm anything and what we've heard may prove spoilery, so), but...guess we'll find out when the movie opens! Or a trailer spells everything out for us!

Also joining the cast this evening in various roles: Rumer Willis (playing Brit actress Joanna Pettet), Dreama Walker (actress and singer Connie Stevens), Costa Ronin (Polish actor Voytek Frykowski) and - playing a trio of presumably fictional characters - they've also added Margaret Qualley ("Kitty Kat"), Victoria Pedretti ("Katie") and Madisen Beaty ("Lulu"). 

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood opens on July 26th of next year.