Shhh… A QUIET PLACE 2 Has A Release Date

For real, I said shut up.

It’s not going to happen but I want this upcoming sequel to A Quiet Place to be a blood and guts epic with Emily Blunt and her kids just loudly shooting the shit out of aliens for two hours. Frank Grillo can be in it as Nu-Dad.

I’ll be able to keep this dream alive so long as no contradictory elements about its story come to light. That caveat now has an expiration date as Paramount has just given the sequel a release date: May 15, 2020.

That’s a great date for a movie like this. Summer enough to be a big event, but not so deep in the season that it gets blown away by big action movies (assuming I don’t get my way, of course). It also means a lot of time between now and then for the movie to, oh I dunno, get made and other unimportant things like that. I loved the first film and look forward to whatever this ends up being. But it better have exploding aliens, is all I’m saying.