Composer Podcast: Cody Carpenter (Ludrium) Releases REFLECTIONS

Son of John, Cody Carpenter is sharpening a musical voice of his own.

Two summers ago I had the privilege of seeing John Carpenter with his band live on tour as he performed selections from his various scores. To my delight, one of the members of his band was Cody Carpenter who is John’s son. An accomplished musician in his own right, Cody continues to make people notice his own music which displays signs of his father’s influence but is wholly his own voice. 

Tony Giles of the Damn Fine Cast interviewed Cody about his latest album which comes out today (August 31, 2018). Released under the pseudonym Ludrium, Carpenter infuses synthesizers into a blend of prog-rock pop that is as delicious as it sounds. While Cody continues to collaborate with his father musically, it’s nice to see the son continue to make a name for himself away from his famous father’s shadow. 

The album is entitled “Reflections” and is released by Lakeshore Records. More information can be found here

Check out the twenty minute interview with Cody Carpenter as he and Tony go through each song on the album and talk behind-the-scenes about its creation. 


Listen to Tony's interview with Cody Carpenter.