Eminem Recorded A VENOM Tie-In Single

The real Sym' Shady.


That could only be the sound of three things. One: the Marvel Comics character Venom recording his name for an automated phone message. Two: a snake handler triumphantly holding aloft something they’ve just extracted from one of their reptilian charges. Three: Eminem performing the tie-in single from the 2018 motion picture Venom, directed by Ruben Fleischer.

You read correctly: Eminem has recorded a single to be included in Venom. It's included on the rapper's new album Kamikaze, which was surprise-launched at midnight last night; an excerpt can be heard below, via his official Twitter account:

It’s a match as perfect as Kendrick Lamar was to Black Panther: a late-’90s comic-book character beloved by edgelords, plus a late-’90s rapper beloved by edgelords. It’s incredible that not only has Mr. Mathers recorded a song for the film, but that that song incorporates the film’s title as its principal hook. The music’s appropriately dark, the lyric “knock knock, let the devil in” fits with the story, and I’d also be lying if I said that hook wasn’t catchy as all get-out, too. Sadly, however, the song is not a beat-for-beat retelling of the film in the Will Smith tradition.

Bodied, produced by Eminem, releases on November 2nd, and is really, really great. Venom releases on October 5th.

UPDATE: The entire song can now be listened to via Spotify: