Third Time’s The Charm: This New THE PREDATOR Trailer Rules

In which Shane Black's THE PREDATOR finally comes into focus.

Look, the first trailer for The Predator was not great

The second trailer was an improvement, but still felt a little janky.

This final trailer, though? This...this is the good stuff.

For months now, I've been beating the "But the Predator script is actually a lot of fun!" drum in the face of a whole bunch of skepticism, much of which was caused by those muddled first trailers. Then Evan caught the Predator panel at this year's SDCC, and finally I had someone to get my back on this: this movie has the potential to be a goddamn blast. If Black filmed the screenplay he wrote - and this trailer, above all else, suggests strongly that he did - we are in for a wild time in a couple of weeks. 

Your mileage may vary, of course. Maybe you're not into a Shane Black-ified version of a Predator movie. Maybe you prefer your Predator movies to be a bit more self-serious, a bit less over-the-top. That's fine. But from where I'm standing, this is precisely the sort of spectacle I wanted out of a new Predator. Give me new tech, new creatures and a group of unhinged lunatics forced to come together to save the world from a ridiculously-overpowered alien threat. Give me Olivia Munn playing a scientist and Sterling K. Brown dropping F-bombs like his job depended on it. Give me a Predator movie that functions like a roller coaster, and invest it with all the snappy dialogue I have come to expect from a Shane Black film. Give it to me now.

The Predator opens on September 14th. Y'all into it or nah? Sound off below.