Tom Hooper’s CATS Adaptation Gets A Release Date

Move over, WICKED, here come some wacky felines.

It would be difficult for a movie to have less of my interest than Tom Hooper’s upcoming adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats. Sorry to offend any of you Cat-people out there, but I don’t have a lot of high hopes for this one.

Also for you Cat-people, the film now has a release date: December 20 2019. This means Cats will be competing with Star Wars, not to mention Kenneth Branagh’s Death on the Nile adaptation. Even with nine lives to spare, that’s pretty stiff competition. The release date used to be owned by Wicked, but now that film is being moved to a different release.

Cats has an interesting cast, I’ll give it that. The film stars Jennifer Hudson, Ian McKellen, James Corden and Taylor Swift. Such names might bring audiences to the film just out of sheer curiosity.