Rian Johnson To Brutally Murder Noah Segan In KNIVES OUT

We assume, anyway. Oh yeah, and Daniel Craig is definitely starring in it.

Rian Johnson just snuck one in through the back door (if you'll pardon the #phrasing). 

According to Deadline, The Last Jedi helmer will be putting his lightsaber down for a few moments and going back to his Agatha Christie collection, crafting a murder mystery with the super cool, Radiohead-adjacent title Knives Out. Per that publication: 

"The film is best described as a modern day murder mystery in the classic whodunit style, infused with Johnson’s original voice that informed films from Brick to Looper."

Oh shit yeah. We've obviously been very vocal supporters of Johnson's distinct brand of genre stylings for years now - our esteemed former boss-lady Meredith Borders even hosted a 35mm screening back in '14 - and hearing that he's going to be working in that mold again is music to our ears.

Sweetening the deal is the fact that Daniel Craig - who now has a break in his schedule after Danny Boyle departed Bond 25 - is set to star in Knives Out (which Johnson also co-wrote with his regular producing partner Ram Bergman). Craig will play a detective, out to solve the movie's central act of horrific violence. 

For those wondering, Johnson will be shooting Knives Out - which will seek to fill six to eight roles that revolve around Craig's character rather quickly - before he embarks on the massive task of kicking off a new trilogy of Star Wars pictures. So, it seems safe to view this throwback bit of big screen sleuthing as a total "one for me" proposition, before that franchise eats up a solid chunk of his subsequent career. 

However, a key question remains: who will Noah Segan play? Though the boyishly-handsome, dad bod-sporting star was obviously a key element in The Last Jedi's massive box office success ($1.3 billion and climbing, thanks to his baby blues), we know that his schedule has been super busy lately (as he's fallen down the rabbit hole of Los Angeles' high stakes Bocce underworld). But a Rian Johnson movie isn't complete unless Segan's getting punched in the face and/or (one assumes in the case of Knives Out) brutally dismembered before his body parts are utilized as components of a high-end sex doll. Inquiring minds want to know, Mr. Johnson: how will you torment Noah Segan this time? 

The rights to Knives Out are set to be auctioned off at the Toronto International Film Festival in the coming weeks - as potential buyers received Johnson and Bergman's screenplay just last night - and the movie will be financed by the duo's new company (which has yet to be named). So, expect to hear much, much more about the project in the very near future.