Mother Of Sighs: Thom Yorke Unveils First Single For His SUSPIRIA Soundtrack

This is going to be the weirdest Radiohead record.

Discordant music is a key element of Dario Argento's aesthetic. Only, instead of the bombastic prog rock of the Italian horror god's house band Goblin - who provided the scores for the majority of his macabre motion pictures - Radiohead's Thom Yorke is being employed by Luca Guadagnino to add a disorienting sonic texture to his upcoming remake of Argento's supernatural horror all-timer (or, per genre expert Mikel Koven, "giallo fantastico"), Suspiria

Now, Yorke has announced the release date for his Suspiria record (which sees him following in the footsteps of bandmate Jonny Greenwood), and based on the first single ("Suspirium"), the tracks Yorke penned for the picture are going to resemble his solo output. It's simply a piano and his ethereal voice, which feels like a soothing lullaby before we're led into the dark of a witches' coven. 

Take a listen for yourself here: 

Suspiria's original motion picture soundtrack will drop on October 26th - one week before the film's theatrical bow - via XL Recordings. It's a first for the Radiohead frontman (who's obviously written songs for movies in the past, but never a full score), and features contributions from the London Contemporary Orchestra and Choir, flutist Pasha Mansurov, and Yorke’s son, Noah, on drums. Vinyl heads will be pleased to know the record is being pressed on double-LP pink vinyl, and can be pre-ordered from XL right now.

Meanwhile, we are patiently waiting for Suspiria to hit screens come November 2nd, when we all expect to have our minds blown (or else!). The reviews out of Venice have been super divisive, so here's hoping we fall on the positive side of the qualitative fence.