An End Of The World Sing-Along: Here’s The First Trailer For ANNA AND THE APOCALYPSE

This is the best musical episode of BUFFY you've never seen.

I'd be lying if I didn't say I was skeptical walking into Anna and The Apocalypse at last year's Fantastic Fest. A Christmas zombie musical from Scotland? That's a lot of descriptors that, when combined together into a cinematic recipe, don't fill me with a ton of confidence it'll be my type of dish. So, color this writer totally surprised when I found myself wanting the movie to play all over again once the credits rolled. It's just that damn fun to watch with an audience, splattery and filled with pop numbers that will be stuck in your head all damn day long. 

Anna (British actress Ella Hunt) sings, dances and bashes zombies' heads in with a candy cane after a Romero-esque rising of the dead, becoming a worthy successor to Sarah Michelle Gellar's Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. Don't believe me? Check out the movie's debut trailer, which basically sells the best musical episode of that iconic TV series that we'd never seen before:

                God I can't wait to see this movie again (preferably while sitting next to BMD's own Amelia Emberwing).

To give you a little idea of how uplifting Anna is, I saw it immediately after receiving some truly terrible news, and didn't think I wanted to keep watching movies for the rest of the day at FF. But Anna and Apocalypse reminded me that part of the reason we even sit down in those dark auditoriums is because cinema has the power to act as the greatest anti-depressant. Suddenly, I was no longer dwelling on the bad, but remembering that life is full of possibility. It just took one zombie Christmas musical to remind me. 

Anna and the Apocalypse arrives in theaters on November 30th in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Austin, before expanding to additional cities throughout December. Trust me, you're not going to want to miss this one in a packed house. It's going to be a cult staple for years to come.