Charlie Day To Write And Direct Himself In EL TONTO

Which should be easy as he’s playing a mute character.

Happy It’s Always Sunny day, everyone! I hope you are all making plans to cuddle with a loved one (or tolerated one, at least) for tonight’s season 13 premiere. I already have my season pass purchased but believe I will have to wait until tomorrow to actually watch the first episode. But hey, I’ll be there with you in spirit.

Also with you in spirit is this interesting bit of news from the It’s Always Sunny world. According to THR, Charlie Day is all set to write and direct his own movie. The film will be called El Tonto and will star Day as a mute guy of little intelligence (THR calls him a “simpleton” but I’m not 100% sure how extreme that should be taken), who gets off a bus in LA and then becomes rich and famous, I guess in an accidental Forrest Gump way. He of course then loses everything.

Well, I can’t lie. That doesn’t actually appeal to me much. I tend to see it as a bad sign when a film’s third act is included in its synopsis. But I also have a lot of faith in Day, so maybe I should just shut my pie hole on this one until it gets more developed. You can be sure I’ll have my ear to the ground.