Hunt Jesus Freaks With Nicolas Cage At These Special MANDY Screenings

See 2018's mind-ripping psychedelic revenge picture, complete with a Q&A featuring star Nicolas Cage!

Mandy isn't even out yet, and it's basically half the BMD's staff's favorite film of 2018. Panos Cosmatos' second trip back to what he labels the "mythical year" of 1983 sees Nicolas Cage's everyman, Red, taking revenge on a group of cultists after they kidnap the titular love of his life.

We've already spilled a ton of overly enthusiastic words about the psychedelic, hyper-violent head trip here, with Evan first reporting out of its Sundance premiere

"Many great films come out each year, but fans of gleefully violent action-horror must suffice with only a few choice annual titles. Mandy ranks high among that ilk, gory enough to please those needs while experimental and interesting enough to satisfy others. It’s not for everyone but if this all sounds intriguing, you’re probably going to love this. I certainly did."

Now, after months of waiting, the rest of you are finally able to get a glimpse at the acid-head madness that awaits within Cosmatos' demented two-hour work of pulp art. To celebrate this perception-altering trip to Hell, Alamo Drafthouse is helping to host a set of special screenings on Thursday, September 13th, featuring a Q&A after the film with star Nicolas Cage (who truly gives one of the best performances of his career). The event will be taped live from the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood and then simulcast out to several auditoriums around the country. Check here for listings and to snag yourself tickets!

Personally, I can't wait to soak in the movie's utterly tripped out visuals in a packed house, and then let the final score from famed composer Jóhann Jóhannsson (working with drone metal guitar legend Stephen O'Malley) utterly obliterate my eardrums. Mandy is a totally immersive experience, and should be seen as big and loud as humanly possible. 

If you can't make the Q&A screenings, do not fret. Drafthouse is going to be running regular showings of Mandy starting the very next day: September 14th. Pick up your tix and prepare to have your mind blown. This is one of the absolute genre cinema events of 2018.