Shane Black’s COLD WARRIOR Is Headed For Netflix

Uh, no guarantees that Jacob Tremblay will be in it.

Here's an unexpected turn of events: according to the good folks at Collider, Shane Black's next directorial effort, Cold Warrior, is now a Netflix movie. The project - which had been in development at Universal for roughly a decade - was apparently acquired by the streaming service sometime last year.

Collider's unsure whether Black rewrote Chuck Mondry's original draft of the Cold Warrior screenplay or whether the film will be Black's next project after The Predator. Personally, we were hoping for the announcement of a surprise Nice Guys sequel, but that was probably foolish on our part.

As for Cold Warrior, the plot is described as revolving around "a retired Cold War-era spy who teams with a younger agent to track down a terrorist", but nothing further's known at this time. Obviously, we're very curious about all this, and will be keeping our ear to the ground for further updates as they roll in.

Black's next film, The Predator, hits theaters next Friday.