Rebecca Ferguson To Ride A Sand Worm In Denis Villeneuve’s DUNE

Ilsa Faust heads to Arrakis.

During this moment in Hollywood history, Rebecca Ferguson cannot be contained. Not only is she one of the absolute best parts of the last two Mission: Impossible pictures - her Ilsa Faust practically begging for her own spin-off series - but the action queen's also landed roles in the upcoming MIB off-shoot, as well as Mike Flanagan's adaptation of The Shining sequel, Doctor Sleep

Now, on top of those upcoming big name turns, Ferguson just entered talks to co-star in Denis Villeneuve's re-envisioning of Frank Herbert's Dune. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ferguson would play Lady Jessica - mother of Paul Atreides, the desert planet Arrakis' future messiah (who'll be portrayed by Call Me By Your Name's Timothee Chalamet). David Lynch fans will recall that the role was originally inhabited by Francesca Annis in his notorious 1984 bomb (while Kyle MacLachlan made his screen debut as Atreides). 

Villeneuve, Eric Roth and Jon Spaihts penned the screenplay for this new Dune and, if it's anything like Blade Runner 2049, we should probably expect another work of portentous sci-fi dronecore (which is not a bad thing in the least). Villeneuve has earned our trust at this point, and seeing him tackle a project of this magnitude is something truly exciting (even if it's going to end up taking two movies to tell the tale). 

Ferguson's continued meteoric rise is absolutely wonderful. She's one of the most magnetic movie stars working today, and seeing her get to play in one of our finest filmmaker's sandboxes (pun totally intended) is going to be a thrill. Now, can we get an announcement on Mission: Impossible 7 (or whatever the hell it ends up being called)?

Denis Villeneuve's Dune is eyeing a 2019 production start. No word on when they're looking to have either part of his duology released, but we'll keep you posted.