#ButlerWatch2018: Gerard Gerry Rigs A Rumble With The Russkies In Final HUNTER KILLER Trailer

Nailed it.

Around these parts, we like our Gerry Butler dirty. We like him beefy and unshaven, eating donuts off the ground at crime scenes and fucking strippers because it pisses off the bad guys he's pursuing. We like Big Nick Energy Butler, not Clean Shaven Geostorm Gerry. I want that motherfucker to give me an STD just by looking at him. 

So, you can probably understand why we're not totally invested in Hunter Killer, Butler's upcoming DTV on the big screen slice of action nonsense, where he plays a sub captain who discovers a Russian coup, and then plays a game of Battleship to see who gets to blow up the world (or something). We're in no way saying we're not going to watch it, but we're also not ready and willing the same way we will be when Den of Thieves 2 comes for us all in the middle of the night.

Check out the final trailer for Hunter Killer (which also features a bewildered Gary Oldman) here: 

Yeah, Hunt For Red October this probably won't be, but who cares. Put the Butler in my eyeholes anyway, because I need to do something with my Sunday afternoons. 

Hunter Killer hits theaters October 26th.