EXCLUSIVE: Michel Gondry Flexes His Experimental Muscles With LAS VEGAS LOVE STORIES

Alright, Michel, we'll bite. What are you cooking up this time?

Michel Gondry has done more than enough to earn our confidence. Eternal Sunshine For The Spotless Mind. Be Kind Rewind. An absolutely ridiculous number of music videos for the likes of Björk, Queens of the Stone Age, The White Stripes, and Foo Fighters. And hey, Kidding looks pretty good, right? Well, that's not all Gondry has up his sleeve, because he has a new project coming to YouTube, of all places! He's teamed up with his brother Olivier Gondry - himself an acclaimed director of music videos for OK Go, The White Stripes, and The Chemical Brothers - to deliver Las Vegas Love Stories.

What exactly makes Las Vegas Love Stories so special and why is it on YouTube? Well, it's a collection of six short films, each lasting the exact amount of time it takes for the human brain to fall in love: 8.2 seconds. This is apparently also how long the human attention span has been reduced to in the digital... age...

Hey look, a trailer!

We're noticing a lot of blank space in this 32-second trailer, which makes sense considering the entire project, consisting of 6 films at 8.2 seconds each, is... carry the one... 49.2 seconds of total footage. That ain't a whole lot, but the Gondrys seem to be hinting at something special up their sleeves with interconnected stories that explore the brief but powerful process of falling in love in the modern world.

Catch the details in the series' press release below:

The official trailer for the feature film series LAS VEGAS LOVE STORIES has been released. Created by brothers Academy Award winner Michel Gondry (ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND, KIDDING) and critically acclaimed director Olivier Gondry (OK Go, The White Stripes, The Chemical Brothers music videos), alongside Partizan Entertainment, LAS VEGAS LOVE STORIES is a collection of six feature films, 8.2 seconds in length, that are uniquely interconnected and push the boundaries of traditional filmmaking formats.

Shot in and around Park MGM Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, iconic directors Michel and Olivier Gondry put their signature storytelling style of playful surrealism against the test of time. And whilst Las Vegas Love Stories depicts whimsical and surreal romance, the concept is rooted in the recent finding that due to increased digital distraction, the human attention span has hit an all-time low of 8.2 seconds, the exact same amount of time that scientists say it takes to fall in love.

Through these films, the Gondry brothers explore how meaningful connections can be made within fleeting moments of time while paying homage to the overall universal feeling of falling love.

"8.2 seconds is the attention span of a new generation,” Michel Gondry shared. “This is the time to fall in love. This is the length of our movies. It's a bold concept."

Says Olivier Gondry: "I like to work touch by touch, making things better each time we add something new. This time, it would be Michel’s touch then my touch, then Michel’s, then mine and so on.”

To bring LAS VEGAS LOVE STORIES to life, the Gondry brothers teamed up with costume designer Chanel Gibbons, production designer Annie Sperling, director of photography Adam Newport-Berra, visual effects supervisor Jean-Marc Demmer for EIGHT VFX and composer-duo Ari Balouzian and Ryan Hope from Appraiser. All talent portrayed in the films are not trained actors. By casting real people and real couples within these roles, the Gondry brothers wanted to make the point that romance stories are truly universal.

Throughout the 3 month production process, these micro movies have been produced as true cinematic masterpieces, fit for theatrical release. All with the intention of giving people a reason to believe in a new kind of Las Vegas.

And what are these films about? Here's a synopsis for each:


'It Is Decidedly So'

Faced with the joy of a newlywed couple in Las Vegas, a woman's emotions take her on the ride of her life when she spots a man from afar.

'Room 802'

Two best friends see each other in a new light after a night out in Las Vegas.

'The Big Eight'

A woman spots love at first sight at a Las Vegas craps table and rolls the dice with one wish in mind.

'No Ordinary August'

A couple dives into their emotions in a Las Vegas resort pool.

'Night of the Scorpio'

An unstoppable force brings two people together to send sparks flying through the night in Las Vegas. 

'Our Infinity'

After falling in love in a Las Vegas resort, a woman struggles with the uncertainty of her new romance.

A bold concept, indeed, Mr. Gondry, particularly with the notion of hiring non-actors to fill these roles. So what do you think? Sound off in the comments about what exactly you think the Gondrys have up their sleeve here, and we'll be sure to check it out when the short films hit YouTube on September 25, 2018.