CHARLIE’S ANGELS Hires Patrick Stewart To Be Its (Other) Bosley

Don't worry - this adds up.

The new Charlie's Angels is shaping up to be very interesting.

For starters, you've got Elizabeth Banks producing, directing and co-starring in the film as Bosley (a role played by Bill Murray and Bernie Mac in the last two Charlie's Angels movies). On top of that, you've got a solid cast, with Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and British newcomer Ella Balinska starring as the Angels. Then there's the curveball plot, which takes place in a world where Charlie's Angels teams are scattered all over the globe. 

And now there's this: according to The Hollywood Reporter, Patrick Stewart has joined the production as...Bosley. Wait, weren't we just saying that Banks herself was filling out that role? 

Well, about that:

"In a twist on the usual proceedings, the project seems to have multiple characters named Bosley, who in the past acted as face of the enigmatic and never-seen owner of the detective agency, Charlie Townsend. Banks is playing Bosley with sources telling The Hollywood Reporter that Stewart is also playing a Bosley."

This might seem initially confusing, but remember: there's not just one Charlie's Angels team in this reality. Presumably, Banks will be the Bosley giving the orders to K-Stew, Scott and Balinska, while the former Capt. Picard will be overseeing another team entirely. We can see how this'd work, and it's definitely cool to hear Stewart's joining the cast (it's all too easy to imagine Stewart delivering that iconic "Good morning, Angels" line, isn't it?). 

Nothing further to report on the Charlie's Angels front at this time, but we're curious to learn more. Movie arrives next June, so there's sure to be plenty of further updates between now and then. Stay tuned.