This New VENOM Poster Has Everything


Modern poster design has many problems (Floating Head Syndrome, Orange & Teal Disease, and so on), but it's possible nothing plagues this once-great art form so much as Hollywood's ongoing overreliance on Photoshop. This technology has allowed marketing interns to run amok, resulting in countless posters that include all the things. These one-sheets never look good - they are, in fact, full-blown eyesores - but that hasn't stopped Hollywood from producing them.

And now Venom has one.

This poster has everything: Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, the Golden Gate Bridge, drones, a spaceship (being launched off what looks like an oil rig?), cops with flashlights, a forest, scientists in hazmat suits, cop cars, two different Venoms, a crashed spaceship (?), and - last, but certainly not least - a cameo appearance from what appears to be Riot (basically, a silver/grey Venom who's somehow even meaner than the actual Venom). All of that packed into one, glorious image...and none of it working very well together.

Let's hope the same cannot be said for Ruben Fleischer's Venom, which hits theaters on October 5th.