This Trailer For THE TRUMP PROPHECY Is One Of The Worst Things We’ve Ever Seen

In case it wasn't already clear, 2018 is an absolute nightmare prison.

Maybe you woke up today thinking, "Ah, Monday, the start of a brand-new week! Perhaps this one will be different! Perhaps this week won't present us with another round of soul-crushing news stories! Perhaps something good will happen, and we will know joy once again!"

Or maybe we'll get the trailer for a faith-based movie called The Trump Prophecy.

We have no idea where this came from, why it's happening, or how anyone involved with this faith-based film was able to set aside the exceptionally un-Christian behavior of our commander-in-chief in order to make it. We have no idea why anyone would pay to see this, why Fathom Events might be screening it for two special nights in October, or what we did to deserve it. We know only that the trailer exists, and the memory of having watched it is now seared deep into the folds of our brains. Obvs we had to share it with you.

Here's a plot synopsis, via Fathom Events:

"The Trump Prophecy is the story of Fireman Mark Taylor and what he heard God tell him about America, Israel and the world. The event seeks to answer the question “What does MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN really mean?”

Enjoy the rest of your week, folks, and please avoid all movie theaters on October 2nd and 4th if you value your sanity.