Rejoice: Cult TV Movie BAD RONALD Is Coming To Blu-Ray

Your new favourite bizarro thriller is here.

If you’re into strange films, you’ve probably heard of a cult TV movie from 1974 called Bad Ronald. It’s a stone-cold classic of the medium, and had it been made for cinemas, it’d likely be remembered as a classic psychological thriller. I’ve seen it several times, including a theatrical screening at the Monster Fest 2016 book launch of Amanda Reyes’ TV-movie Bible Are You In The House Alone?, and I’m still in awe of how profoundly, darkly weird it is.

Bad Ronald’s title character is a teenager, played with creepy intensity by Scott Jacoby, who after accidentally (?) murdering a fellow teen, is shunted into a crawlspace by his mother (Planet of the Apes’ Kim Hunter) to hide from the cops. Ronald’s mother then builds a false wall to conceal her son’s presence from any prying eyes, before promptly dying - after which the house is sold to a new family, with Ronald still hiding inside it. His descent into solitary, proto-incel madness clearly proves an issue for the new residents, as things around the house start to go missing - and worse.

A bonkers concept, clearly, and a really entertaining flick. But nobody’s really seen the full picture of Bad Ronald, largely because it’s only been viewable from television sources. But heavens be praised, Warner Archive is remastering the movie in HD, and releasing a Blu-Ray next month. Miracles do happen!

Cult cinephiles salute you, Warner Archive, for doing the Lord’s work. For the rest of you: this post is basically here to serve as a PSA that Bad Ronald hits Blu-Ray next month - something I suspect few fans, if any, would ever have expected. You'll get in on that action, if you know what’s good for you.