This Is Who I Am: Grab The Tissues Before Watching The Latest BEAUTIFUL BOY Trailer

We just want Steve Carell to be proud of us.

As someone who's battled his own struggles with addiciton in the past, Beautiful Boy looks like it's going to hit real close to home: that yearning to just clean yourself up so that the people who love you actually look at you like they love you again, instead of simply wondering when the hell you're going to jump off another cliff.

At the same time, recognizing that being an addict is simply part of who you are is a crucial step to helping you manage that disease, and it looks like this adaptation of David and Nic Sheff's memoirs (with Steve Carell and Timothée Chalamet in the respective father/son roles) could nail that aspect of the struggle as well. The latest trailer for Beautiful Boy promises a real weepie that's grounded in distinct, hyper-specific truths, and I'm here for it. 

Check it out:  

Yeah, I'm gonna cry a bit through this one. While Carell has had the "disappointed warm dad" thing down for years now (and does it quite well), Chalamet is just going HAM in the acting department, proving he's just getting started with wowing us with his performances. I can't wait to see it, while also sort of dreading the emotional rollercoaster it's going to put me through. 

Beautiful Boy hits theaters from Amazon October 12th, 2018.