Will You Save Us Mommy?: The Trailer For Mike Flanagan’s HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE Is Spooky As Hell

Netflix's upcoming Shirley Jackson series had our curiosity, but now it has our attention.

Mike Flanagan is as sturdy a horror craftsman as we have working today, each one of his movies impeccably sound from any sort of technical standpoint, all working in service of his rather elemental genre riffs. Hush is an unnerving home invasion throw back. Absentia's lo-fi scares are never less than thrilling. Gerald's Game showed he could adapt a book many thought wouldn't for a second work on screen. 

Now comes The Haunting of Hill House, Flanagan's second Netflix endeavor, that's a ten-part present day take on Shirley Jackson's classic novel of the same name. Dropping mid-October, the release date arrives right as home viewers are fully immersed in a Halloween mood, and should act as a good companion piece to the streaming giant's upcoming Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, which drops two weeks later.

Based on this full spot for Flanagan's Haunting, he's (very) loosely adapting Jackson's near-sixty-year-old text, as a family must cope with the suicide of one of their own, and then reckon with repressed trauma and devilish spirits in equal measure. I especially like the little girl's monologue, which just keeps going, and going, and going, reaching super creepy heights. 

Take a look: 

That's the good stuff right there. I can't wait to dig into all ten hours of a Flanagan haunted house opus, because something tells me it's going to be better than most horror pictures we get in theaters this year. 

The Haunting of Hill House hits Netflix October 12th. Be there. Be scared.