Cary Fukunaga Given Licence to Kill, Will Direct BOND 25

Eon trades a Trainspotter for a True Detective.

When Danny Boyle unceremoniously exited Bond 25 (over dreadfully vague "creative differences"), we despaired. Here was a chance for a true visionary auteur to grab the reins of the franchise, going right out the damn window (and taking a John Hodge script with him). Now, we would probably be stuck with a sturdy yet gutless UK workman, who would probably churn out something watchable, but not nearly as thrilling as that killed dead proposition. 

Sounds like Eon isn't interested in such a dull life, because according to the official James Bond twitter account, True Detective maverick Cary Joji Fukunaga just signed on to helm Bond 25:

That sound you hear, off in the distance, is Phil Nobile Jr. crying tears of joy in the middle of whatever airport he's currently sitting in.  

Obviously, there are a couple interesting bits of trivia here, the largest being Fukunaga becoming the first American to deliver a Bond picture (discounting the off-brand 1967 Casino Royale or Never Say Never Again). Secondly, the release date will make Bond 25 the first series entry since Licence to Kill not to be released in the fall (as that movie dropped in summer 1989). Thirdly, though Craig is returning as Bond for this film, Fukunaga's prior collaboration with Idris Elba on Beasts of No Nation is sure to add fuel to that particular fire.

But what's most fascinating is that Eon is giving their movie to an artist who's notoriously fastidious regarding his personal vision (just read anything about Fukunaga's battles behind the scenes on IT before he walked for solid proof). Bond 25 will be, for better or worse (but definitely not indifferent) a Cary Joji Fukunaga joint. One take action sequences for all, y'all. What the rest of this Neal Purvis- and Robert Wade-scripted endeavor will look like remains a mystery, but we're beyond thrilled to check it out. 

We'll see on Valentine's Day 2020, when James Bond will return.