Jodie Whittaker’s DOCTOR WHO Is Glorious In First Trailer

“She’s in charge, bro.”

Jodie Whittaker is the new star of Doctor Who, and hopefully by now the show’s angry male fans have learned to accept that. The rest of the fans, however, have been looking forward to this long-awaited new season ever since the announcement, and today we finally got a trailer to sate that anticipation.

We got our first in-motion peek at Whittaker’s Doctor at SDCC, but it’s not until today that we’ve seen actual footage from the actual show. The storyline here is still being kept pretty unspoiled, with nary a glimpse of a villain or alien, but Whittaker gets a few lines, and we see some supporting cast - and supporting spaceships: 

Could’ve done without the Macklemore, but that’s a strong introduction to Whittaker’s Doctor nonetheless. Confirms that she’s going to hit the core of the character - “Sometimes I see things need fixing; I do what I can” - and almost even better, that she’s going to have a Yorkshire accent. What’s more, the show's production value appears to have jumped up in slickness yet again. There’s some gorgeous cinematography in there, and the effects shots bear a realistic texture I wouldn’t previously have associated with the show. What’s more, the trailer is in a 2.2:1 aspect ratio, with no obvious signs of cropping - will the actual show be presented that wide?

Doctor Who returns on October 7th, via BBC, BBC America, or whatever network happens to carry it in your area. Between Whittaker and new showrunner Chris Chibnall (Broadchurch), I can’t wait to see what tone the new season strikes.