Jordan Peele Will Host The New TWILIGHT ZONE, Too

The new Rod Serling, onscreen and off.

Jordan Peele has been developing a relaunch of classic sci-fi/mystery/thriller anthology series The Twilight Zone for a year or more now. It's a show we're desperate to see here at BMD: between the original 1959-1964 show, to which Black Mirror owes its existence, and Peele's skill with eerie storytelling, to which his Academy Award owes its existence, it's a damned exciting project.

Now we've learned, via Variety, that Peele will not only be producing The Twilight Zone, but hosting and narrating it as well. Stepping into the shoes of original creator Rod Serling, he'll appear at the top of every episode, welcoming the viewers to the titular Zone and introducing that week's tale (or whatever frequency CBS All Access puts it out in).

Peele himself also debuted a short teaser for the series:

No footage, obviously, but Peele's voiceover with that theme music - and frankly, the mere existence of this project - is giving us shivers. We could really use a show like The Twilight Zone now, and Peele's canny ability to merge genre thrills with social metaphor is a perfect match. As is the wonderful calm-yet-unnerving cadence we hear here. Hear hear!

The Twilight Zone doesn't have a premiere date yet, but we'll be sure to let you know as soon as it does.